Saturday, December 11, 2010


  1. Anonymous said... :

    I never read local newspaper.(The Mirror & Myanmar Alin)
    I never listen local news channel.(Myawaddy & MRTV)
    They both never tell the truth!!
    You all are doing great job.
    Ko Aung Zaw & Ko Khet Htan,please cut your hair for better looking and presentation.

  1. ေမာင္ရစ္ said... :

    agree with above comments. if u don't want to cut hair, u should make burmese tradational hair style (that is Yaung-Hton).

  1. Shyam said... :

    and there is also another factor which support that keeping long hair is totally fine for males. look at Jesus Christ, Junichiro Koizumi, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, and lots and lots more of such people have their own identity and fame in spite having their hair long, in fact, its their long hair which actually defines their original identity to be more prominent.

    and thus...Rock On!! our beloved editor and his team mates...:))

  1. Shyam said... :

    i think that its a Communist governments' conditioning that all man should look same and equal as working class peoples by having similar hair styles and such...

    editors and journalists are very artistic people...haha...they can express their arts and performance to the best in a democratic country, the conditioning that people have about men should have short hair and they look good in short hair is just a social condition or conditioning by a government or a leader or a group of people...i don't know by whom but thats just a conditioning..just ignore them :)

  1. Anonymous said... :

    Thanks for your valuable comments "Shyam"
    I'm just sharing my point of view.
    It's nothing wrong to have long hair.
    But.I never seen the official announcer with "ponytail" in well known broadcasting channels.
    And I really appreciate "Irrawaddy" for their efforts!!
    They can highlights & point out the latest happening of political,social,economy etc in Myanmar.

  1. Anonymous said... :

    Why bothering? Length of hair and size/quality of brain don't go together.

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